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Taizhou Youyi Automation Technology Co., Ltd. (China)

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  • Suitable: Household air conditioner, commercial air conditioner

  • Planning capacity :10,000 - 100,000 per year


        - Air conditioner internal machine production line
        - Air conditioner outside machine assembly line
        - Leak detection
        - Vacuum
        - Charge refrigerant
        - Commodity inspection
        - Packaging line

        - More...

    Production cycle:60 days (Transport to Ningbo port)


  • Assembly lines for Air conditioner

    Air-conditioning assembly line, air-energy heat pump production line, equipment consists of air-conditioning internal machine production line, air-conditioning external machine assembly line, etc., using continuous operation production, equipped with pipeline leak detection, vacuuming, refrigerant charging, automatic continuous commodity inspection, packaging and other lines. Household air-conditioning assembly line, commercial air-conditioning automated production line, heat pump automated assembly line

Air conditioning Assembly line -  Suitable the assembly of different types of Air conditioning, easy to use, simple to maintain, and improve production efficiency

Products Suitable for Assembly

Assembly line 3D DEMO

Air conditioner Assembly line

Planning capacity:150,000 Per Year