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Taizhou Youyi Automation Technology Co., Ltd. (China)

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  • Suitable: Bus

  • Planning capacity :10,000 - 30,000 per year


        -ATV assembly line
        -Adjustable fixture
        -Automatic conveyor line
        -Test line
        -Compressed air interface
        -Slide hook

        - More...

    Production cycle:60 days (Transport to Ningbo port)


  • Assembly lines for Truck

    ATV assembly line, ATV automated assembly line, suitable for ATV assembly production, including automatic conveying line, station auxiliary equipment, adjustable tooling fixtures, offline automatic docking lifting platform, equipment general control, material call system, integrated touch screen . It is suitable for the automatic assembly line of all kinds of ATVs and off-road motorcycles. It has the characteristics of simple operation, convenient maintenance, and flexibility.

ATV assembly line -  Suitable the assembly of different types of ATV, easy to use, simple to maintain, and improve production efficiency

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