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Taizhou Youyi Automation Technology Co., Ltd. (China)

13958682525 (Manager Bao)

  • Suitable: Car & SUV (SKD)

  • Planning capacity :10,000 - 20,000 per year


        - Hanging conveyor assembly line

        - Ground conveyor assembly line

        - Testing line

        - Raining test room

        - Light channel

        - Repaint room

        - Lifers

        - More...

    Production cycle:90 days (Transport to Ningbo port)


  • Assembly lines for Car & SUV

    Automobile assembly line equipment of car & SUV assembly workshop: air accumulation friction conveyor line, skid storage conveyor line, ground skateboard conveyor line, plate chain storage conveyor line, door subassembly assembly line, power assembly assembly line, instrument panel assembly line, Tire automatic conveyor line, seat assembly line, etc.

Car & SUV Assembly line(SKD & CKD) -  Suitable for assembly SUV,  car, minicar, subcompact car, compact car, intermediate car, coupe, station wagon, minibus, electric vehicle, etc. 

Products Suitable for Assembly

SKD Assembly line 3D DEMO

CKD Production line 2D DEMO

Car & SUV CKD production line 2D planning DEMO

Planning capacity:30JPH