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Taizhou Youyi Automation Technology Co., Ltd. (China)

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  • Suitable: Motor tricycle

  • Planning capacity :20,000 - 50,000 per year


        -Tricycle chassis assembly line
        -Tricycle interior assembly line
        -Tricycle suspension conveyor line
        -Tricycle ground conveyor line
        -Compressed air interface
        -Slide hook

        - More...

    Production cycle:70 days (Transport to Ningbo port)


  • Assembly lines for Truck

    The tricycle assembly line consists of a tricycle chassis assembly line, a tricycle interior assembly line, a tricycle suspension conveyor line and a tricycle ground conveyor line. It is suitable for mass production and assembly of tricycles. Taizhou Youyi Automation Technology Co., Ltd. has a wealth of tricycle assembly line design and production capabilities to enhance product production Quality and improve production efficiency.

Motor tricycle Assembly line(SKD & CKD) -  Suitable the assembly of different types of motor tricycle, easy to use, simple to maintain, and improve production efficiency

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