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Light truck assembly line

The light truck assembly line (light truck production line) is used to assemble and produce light trucks. The equipment consists of a light truck chassis assembly line, a light truck cab line, a light truck power transmission line, a light truck final assembly line, a light truck compartment line, a light truck test line, etc., which can meet a variety of models Collinear assembly production operations.

Light trucks refer to N1 types of trucks with the largest designed total mass not greater than 3.5 tons among the N trucks in the vehicle model classification. The light truck production line consists of an automated assembly line and key light truck assembly production lines such as frame and front axle, integrating automation, informatization, and digitization. In the final assembly workshop, automation, flexibility, and information technology are seamlessly connected here, and wireless communication identification and processing technology, and logistics automated transportation technology realize intelligent logistics. The interior trim and door lines are all distributed with SPS materials, and the module assemblies such as the cab, front and rear axles, seats, and tires are automatically transported. The torque of each key part of the vehicle is all tightened with fixed torque tools, and the whole process can be recorded and traced.

Taizhou Youyi Automation Technology Co., Ltd. has been engaged in the manufacture and installation of equipment for light truck production line, light truck assembly line, new energy light truck assembly line, and second-class chassis assembly production line for many years. The equipment is installed nationwide and can be exported to foreign regions. Welcome to call for consultation: 13958682525 (Manager Bao), 15867653608 (Engineer Pan), same number on WeChat

The light truck assembly line (light truck production line) is used to assemble and produce light trucks. The equipment consists of a light truck chassis assembly line, a light truck cab line, a light truck power transmission line, a light truck final assembly line, a light truck compartment line, a light truck test line, etc., which can meet a variety of models Collinear assembly production operations.


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