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  • Suitable: Refrigerator

  • Planning capacity :20,000 - 100,000 per year


        - Refrigerator assembly production line
        - Refrigerator vacuum
        - Refrigerant filling automated assembly line
        - Refrigerator commodity inspection line
        - Refrigerator packaging production line
        - Refrigerator shell production line
        - Refrigerator foaming line

        - More...

    Production cycle:60 days (Transport to Ningbo port)


  • Assembly lines for Refrigerator

    Refrigerator assembly line and refrigerator assembly line are mainly composed of door shell pre-assembly line, cabinet pre-assembly line, final assembly line, vacuum ring line, inspection line, packing line and repair line, and also include jacking machines, packing machines and other types A special plane to jointly complete the production task of the refrigerator. Taizhou Youyi Technology Home Appliance Assembly Line Machine Processing and Manufacturing, Parts Supply, Equipment Installation Service

Refrigerator Assembly line -  Suitable the assembly of different types of refrigerator, easy to use, simple to maintain, and improve production efficiency

Products Suitable for Assembly